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Bird’s Eye View

Course Content Outline


This outline describes Bird’s Eye View learning materials that author Sue Robins has prepared for health educators. These health education lesson plans are available free of charge to educators and learners from any health care or academic organization. 

Quick links to modules and lesson plans:

Bird’s Eye View Module 1

Compassion in Health Care


Lesson Plan 1: About Dr. Darwish
Released May 19, 2020

Understand how simple kindnesses are important to patients and families – and how demonstrating compassion often doesn’t take more of a clinician’s time.

Lesson Plan 2: Bird’s Eye View Book Discussion Guide
Released: May 24, 2020

This Lesson Plan is a Discussion Guide written by the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Students in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program at the University of Minnesota. 

Lesson Plan 3:  Let Me Know That You Are Human Too
Release Date: May 27, 2020

A series of short videos by Sue Robins, who shares personal stories about experiencing tender care in health care settings.  

Lesson Plan 4: All the Warm Blankets
Release Date: June 10, 2020

This is a video presentation about the power of kindness to heal patients in health care, narrated by Sue Robins.

Bird’s Eye View Module 2
The Nuts and Bolts of Patient Centred Care
Lesson Plan 1: Patient Centred or Not?
Release Date:  July 8, 2020
Module 1

This lesson plan includes real-life patient scenarios to read and discuss.

Lesson Plan 2: K.I.D.S.: A way to demonstrate respect
Released:  July 15, 2020
This lesson plan is about K.I.D.S., four easy steps to take to demonstrate respect. 
Bonus content:  A video featuring my actor son Aaron Waddingham.
Module 2
Lesson Plan 3: The Bedrock of Health Care
Release Date:  July 27, 2020

This lesson plan will review the four basic elements of patient centred care and guide students to share their own stories about respect, dignity, information sharing and collaboration in their own lives. 

Students will be able to clearly express the pros and cons of patient centred care and relationship-centred care after engaging in a debate with a partner.

Bird’s Eye View Module 3
Stories Matter: Patient and
Health Professional Storytelling
Lesson Plan 1: Crafting A Good Story
Release Date:  August 17, 2020
Module 3
This exercise reviews the basics of crafting a good story and provides the opportunity for students to share their own stories about why they chose to work in health care.
Lesson Plan 2: Practice Listening to a Story
Released August 20, 2020
Students will practice careful listening to demonstrate an understanding of a patient’s story. 
Lesson Plan 3: Your Story Matters Too 
Released September 23, 2020
Students will write their own story about choosing health care, including examining their own ‘why.’  They will also research reflective practice approaches for health care professionals that include sharing stories and feelings from difficult work experiences.
Lesson Plan 4: Art as Healing 
To be released October 19, 2020
Students will gain knowledge about how there are many ways to tell a health care story – orally, in written form, through photographs and other visual arts. They will also learn about the rare disease NMO and reflect on what health care stories have made an impact on them.
Bird’s Eye View Module 4
Let's Talk about Disability
To be released late Fall 2020
Module 4

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