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Health Educator Course Content

From Bird's Eye View Book

Module 1: Compassion
Lesson Plan 3: 
Let Me Know That
You Are Human Too

A series of four one-minute videos by Sue Robins, sharing personal stories of tender care in health care.  

Learning Outcome

This lesson plan introduces the notion of storytelling for teaching to students.  By the end of the session, students will be able to identify the value of careful listening to patient stories and identify the key learning from a series of one-minute videos.

Students will recognize the value of storytelling by engaging in a creative activity and practice telling a short story of their own through a writing or video exercise. 


1. Watch the short one-minute videos.

2. Have a conversation about one key question per video.

A. Pediatric Nurses Video












Question: According to the author, is overhearing nurses talk in the hall about their weekend plans a good or bad thing?

Question: How does the author think we can revolutionize health care?

B. In This Together Video

Question: How will you make the time to talk about the hard things that happen in health care? 

C. Pediatric Resident Video

D. Housekeeping Video











Question: How can you recognize housekeeping staff in their role in caring for patients?

3. Write or video record your own short story about a time you experienced gentle care in a health care setting. This can be from your perspective as a patient or health professional.  The experience can be with anyone: a parking attendant, receptionist, cafeteria cashier or clinician.





Bird’s Eye View: Stories of a life lived in health care by Sue Robins. ISBN: 978-1999156015

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