Bird’s Eye View

Course Content Outline


This outline details Bird’s Eye View learning materials that author Sue Robins has prepared for health educators. These materials are available free of charge to educators and learners from any health care or academic organization. 


Note: Most Lesson Plans do not require a full reading of the Bird's Eye View book. For those that do, the book can be purchased from Amazon or by ordering through your local bookstore (ISBN: 978-1999156015).

The learning modules will cover themes from the Bird’s Eye View book like compassion, storytelling, patient and family centred care, patient experience, patient feedback, disclosing diagnosis, caregiving, intellectual disability, cancer, health advocacy, staff well-being and humanity in health care.


Bird’s Eye View Module 1

Compassion in Health Care


Module 1 contains four separate Lesson Plans about the theme of compassion in health care.  


Lesson Plan 1: About Dr. Darwish
Released May 19, 2020

Goal: Understand how simple kindnesses are important to patients and families – and how demonstrating compassion often doesn’t take more of a clinician’s time.


  • Listen to the author read the Bird’s Eye View chapter About Dr. Darwish

  • Discuss a set of reflective questions

  • Commit to a take-away action

  • Review supplemental readings from author-curated sources

Pre-requisite:  None


Lesson Plan 2: Bird’s Eye View Book Discussion Guide
Released: May 24, 2020

This Lesson Plan is a Discussion Guide written by the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Students in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program at the University of Minnesota. 


  • Watch the video introduction from author Sue Robins.

  • Write or have a conversation about the ten Discussion Questions.

Pre-requisite: A full reading of the Bird’s Eye View book is best, or choose specific questions and read only the associated chapters instead.


Lesson Plan 3:  Let Me Know That You Are Human Too
Release Date: May 27, 2020

A series of short videos by Sue Robins, who shares personal stories about experiencing tender care in health care settings.  


  • Watch the 4 one-minute videos.

  • Have a conversation about one reflective question per video.

  • Write or video record your own short story about a time you experienced gentle care in a health care setting.

Pre-requisite:  None


Lesson Plan 4: All the Warm Blankets
Release Date: June 2020

This is a half hour PowerPoint presentation about the power of kindness to heal patients in health care, narrated by Sue Robins.

Activities: Details to follow.


Pre-requisite:  None


More Modules and Lesson Plans to follow in the coming months, including:

Bird’s Eye View Module 2
The Nuts and Bolts of Patient + Family Centred Care
Bird’s Eye View Module 3
Stories Matter: Patient + Health Professional Storytelling

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