Bird's Eye View


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Sue Robins has crafted a compelling memoir with poignant stories of challenges, compassion and reflections in health care. 


Health Educators

Little Bird

An eBook of Course Content based on Bird's Eye View

Little Bird is packed with lesson plans and special content, a compact and portable book that is a must read for health educators, students and clinicians.


Bird's Eye View Reviewed

The book is about assumptions, perceptions, mental models, kindness, and empathy. It is about humanity and relationships, one at a time.

This is not a book to be read all at once... [make] sure to leave time to think about what the stories might mean in your part of the health care system, today from your perspective as physician, perhaps tomorrow as patient.

Dr. Johnny van Aerde


Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership


School of Nursing pediatric nurse practitioner students in their final semester read the book as part of the Families as Teachers program, where students partner with families to learn about their experiences in health care and their advice for future providers. Students found the book to be relatable and full of practical strategies for enacting compassion in everyday encounters with families.

Dr. Wendy Looman

RN, PhD, Founding Editor, Journal of Family Nursing






Sue Robins is a Canadian author and health care advocate. She's a sought-after health conference speaker and panelist.


Her poignant and honest essays have been widely published in health care journals and newspapers, including the CBC First Person, Canadian Medical Association Journal, The New York Times and The Globe and Mail.


Praise for Bird's Eye View

Bird's Eye View should be on every health care training curriculum.

This book opens the doorway to a new level of understanding of the health care journey.

Dr. Catherine Crock AM

Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, Professor, Deakin University Health Faculty

There are few people with Sue Robins' breadth and depth of experience. There are fewer still with her insight. In Bird's Eye View, lessons are served up with unblinking eyes, a firm hand and a gentle heart.

André Picard

Matters of Life and Death

This extraordinary book is a must read for health care clinicians, scholars, individuals and families. This manifesto calls for greater compassion and kindness from health care providers at every level.

Janice M. Bell

RN, PhD, Founding Editor, Journal of Family Nursing

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