Sue Robins' workshops are infused with ideas, inspiration and practical tips for organizations who are looking for ways to rekindle passion for health care, build meaningful patient engagement or support people to tell their stories.

Power of Stories Workshop


In this workshop, Sue centres on three key components of health care storytelling:


  1. Creating awareness that everybody has a story and that sharing stories can make storytellers vulnerable.

  2. Providing self-reflection about the importance of recognizing why one asks people to share their stories/why people share their stories.

  3. Offering practical tips on how to craft a story and honour storytellers, including supporting storytellers and the responsibilities of the organizers & audience members.


This workshop can be tailored to staff + clinicians, patients, caregivers, or a combination of these audiences.




Sue offers a variety of different talks and workshops, ranging from a 30 minute Zoom session to in-person workshops (COVID permitting). She has experience speaking with executives, clinicians, staff, patients and caregivers.

Her areas of specialty for workshops and talks in addition to storytelling are:

  • Health Advocacy

  • Patient and Family Centred Care

  • Patient Experience

  • Patient Engagement


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