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Workshops facilitated by Sue Robins are infused with ideas, inspiration and practical tips for organizations who are looking for ways to rekindle passion for health care, build meaningful patient engagement or support people to tell their stories.




"She reminded me why I started working in health care."

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  • "Our Vice President stayed on the entire 90 minutes - she was fully engaged!"

  • "Hearing stories increases determination to improve care."

  • "Amazing, so powerful..."

  • "You badass! I've already got 10 emails saying how much people loved your talk."

  • "A very engaging, motivating session."

"Sue's talk was mesmerizing..."

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  • Workshops are delivered over Zoom and run approximately 90 minutes.

  • Each engagement includes a 45 minute consult prior to the session for tailoring the material to your audience.


We can provide a quote based on the size of audience. Sue's books are also available with a 10% discount when ordered with a workshop.

Please email us for more details:

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