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Health Educator Course Content

From Bird's Eye View Book

Module 1: Compassion
Lesson Plan 4: 
All the Warm Blankets
Learning Outcome


After viewing the presentation and pausing to discuss the Reflective Questions, students will be able to differentiate between empathy and sympathy.  They will identify the importance of compassion in health care for patients and recognize how the ‘little things’ matter a lot when people are in vulnerable health care situations.

This is a PowerPoint presentation about the power of kindness to heal patients in health care, narrated by Sue Robins.  It includes chapter readings from Bird's Eye View.


1.  Watch the 25 minute PowerPoint presentation, All the Warm Blankets. 

2.  Stop at the Reflective Practice questions embedded in the talk to pause and have a conversation or write an answer to the question.


Supplemental Learning


Please watch these two short videos:


1.  Best Practice in Provider/Parent InteractionBetty Davies et. al.

2.  CompassionomicsStephen Trzeciak + Anthony Mazzarelli

3.  Bird’s Eye View: Stories of a life lived in health care, Sue        Robins. ISBN: 978-1999156015

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