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From Bird's Eye View Book

Module 3: Stories Matter -- Patient and
Health Professional Storytelling
Lesson Plan 4:  Art As Healing

Learning Outcome


Students will gain knowledge about how there are many ways to tell a health care story – orally, in written form, through photographs and other visual arts. They will also learn about the rare disease NMO and reflect on what health care stories have made an impact on them.

  1. Read Sue Robins’ essay called Visual Art As Healing.

  2. Watch Lelainia Lloyd's video about Storytelling with Impact. 
    This video is shared with Lelainia's permission. The original version of this was shown at the Quality Forum in February 2020.  

3. Reflective Questions

a. How can the rare disease Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) affect an artist's fine motor skills?
b. How did Lelainia Lloyd adapt her art after she was diagnosed with NMO? 
c. What do you think the significance of Lelainia taking photographs of her hands?
d. How can you encourage patients to harness to power of the arts to express themselves and tell their stories?

4. Bonus Question!

What health care stories have made an impact on you?  This can be a story told through visual art, a book, poetry, a movie, a TV show, a podcast or a video like a TED Talk. 

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