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Health Educator Course Content

From Bird's Eye View Book

Module 3: Stories Matter -- Patient and
Health Professional Storytelling
Lesson Plan 3:  Your Story Matters Too

Learning Outcome


Students will write their own story about choosing health care, including examining their own ‘why.’  They will also research reflective practice approaches for health care professionals that include sharing stories and feelings from difficult work experiences.

  1. Read Sue Robins’ essay called We All Have Stories.

  2. Write an essay detailing why you chose health care as a profession.

    Optional:  Share your essay with your classmates, either in written form or by reading it out loud.

  3. Research three different forms of reflective practice approaches for health professionals that include storytelling. Some ideas about where to start are included in the essay (#1 above).  Discuss what is your favourite approach to reflective practice and why. 

    Share your research with your classmates – either through a written form or via a presentation.

Bird’s Eye View: Stories of a life lived in health care by Sue Robins
ISBN: 978-1999156015

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