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Health Educator Course Content

From Bird's Eye View Book

Module 2: The Nuts and Bolts
of Patient Centred Care
Lesson Plan 2: K.I.D.S. – A Way to Demonstrate Respect

Learning Outcome


Students will be able to recite the meaning of the acronym K.I.D.S. and explain how taking these simple steps when entering a patient's room demonstrates respect.

  1. Read the essay Explaining K.I.D.S.: Four easy steps to demonstrate respect by Sue Robins.

  2. Watch the video starring Aaron Waddingham about the acronym K.I.D.S. (see above).

  3. Check out the Supplemental Reading (see below).

  4. Discuss as a group, or write your thoughts down, about how each of the steps in the K.I.D.S. acronym demonstrates respect to patients. What are some of the barriers to use K.I.D.S.? Consider the benefits to you to use K.I.D.S. in your own practice.

Take-Away Action


Commit to using K.I.D.S in all clinical settings - with kids AND adults!

BEV Diagrams - KIDS (1).jpeg

Supplemental Reading

1. Dr. Kate Granger's #hellomynameis campaign website.

2. This is an Alberta Health Services webpage that explains another acronym called N.O.D. This stands for Name, Occupation, Duty.


It doesn't matter which acronym you choose to use; the concepts are the same!

Bird’s Eye View: Stories of a life lived in health care by Sue Robins
ISBN: 978-1999156015

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