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Health Educator Course Content

From Bird's Eye View Book

Module 2: The Nuts and Bolts
of Patient Centred Care
Lesson Plan 4:  The Great Debate -- Patient Centred Care v. Relationship-Centred Care

Learning Outcome


Students will be able to clearly express the pros and cons of patient centred care and relationship-centred care.

  1. Read the Bird’s Eye View Chapter by Sue Robins called The Bedrock of Health Care.

  2. Read Dr. Van Aerde’s opinion piece from the Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership called Relationship-centred Care: toward real health system reform.

  3. Select one of two debate positions:
    a. Patient-centred care is the best approach
    b. Relationship-centred care is the best approach

  4. Prepare a 3-minute talk defending your position based on the readings and your own web-based research.

  5. For the debate, select a partner who has chosen the other position.

  6. Schedule a video teleconference with your partner. Consider inviting a debate referee to track time and keep things friendly!

  7. Conduct the debate by presenting your talk for 3 minutes. Then your partner presents their points. 

  8. Take notes of your partner’s position and arguments.

  9. Present your 2-minute rebuttal based on your partner’s talk and then your partner does the same. A rebuttal is where you explain the flaws in your partner’s arguments.

  10. Optional: Summarize your experience in a short essay (500 words)

Supplemental Reading

  1. How to Debate – from Simon Fraser University. 

  2. The Art of Debate – A 5 minute YouTube video from Thinkr.

Relationship-centred Care: toward real health system reform. Dr. Johny Van Aerde, Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership, page 3, Winter 2015.
Bird’s Eye View: Stories of a life lived in health care by Sue Robins
ISBN: 978-1999156015

This content is protected by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

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