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The Government is Not My Friend

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

The clarity came

On a walk to the statue

Of Terry Fox.

Someone wrapped a scarf

Around Terry’s neck

Because it is cold.

Because he was cold.

In all my lament of why

During this pandemic

It struck me pausing to

Say hello to Terry that

The government simply

Does not care about my child

Because he is disabled.

That’s it, full stop.

They think he can’t learn or

Contribute to the economy

But the irony is

He could if only given the chance.

If only.

No matter.

His potential for taxable income

Is not what makes him human.

The government is not my friend.

The bureaucrats + politicians

Will never feel as strongly

About my son

As I do.

They will never love my son

As I do.

He’s a number

A co-morbidity

An erased statistic

A bullet they always

Forget to read

At every press conference.

Aye, but I have a secret.

I know better.

My boy and I

Sit on the red couch

And watch Netflix documentaries

Sometimes he reaches over

To hold my hand.

This might be a poor

Substitute teacher for school

But that’s what we have now

So he is safe

(I must keep him safe).

We have each other.

And it is enough.

I am enough.

He is enough.

Just because.

It is too much

To expect the

Government people

To care to understand

This kind of love.

Sue Robins


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