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My professional has always been driven by my personal. I wear one hat and it is me. I'm fortunate to work in an area that I feel passionate about - humanity in health care for all.

I specialize in workshops, writing and speaking. I co-own Bird Communications, and along with my partner Mike Waddingham, lead a creative team who offer a wide range of communications and marketing services to the health care and human services sectors.

Here's what I am up to in the paid work world:

  1. Interested in the power of storytelling in health care? I facilitate uplifting virtual workshops for health organizations and patient, family and community groups. Next month I am launching a brand new workshop, based on the practical actions from my book, Ducks in a Row: Health Care Reimagined. It is called Give a Duck. Details are coming soon!

  2. I host conversations and talks about humanity in health care based on my two books for health professional and student groups.

  3. Want to co-author or co-present with me? I can bring a patient and caregiver perspective to your projects.

  4. Finally, Bird Communications specializes in knowledge mobilization, advocacy campaigns, book publishing, communication strategy, branding, videos and animations. Our clients include organizations such as health authorities and clinics, professional associations and disability serving agencies.

If any of this sparks your interest, please email me at We can chat about your needs, schedules, and fees. (Please note: I have a special sliding rate for patient, family and non-profit groups!)

I'm very happy to set up a one-on-one Zoom call to jump start a conversation.

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