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Left Out. Again.

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It is the first week of back-to-school in our school district.

I am tormenting myself by thinking if governments FIRST made schools safe for students who are medically compromised like my son, schools would be safer for EVERYBODY.

But they didn’t. Disabled kids are never a priority. Aaron is doing his grade 12 year at home. (Please don’t call it a choice. For a kid who is prone to respiratory infections and pneumonia, it isn’t a choice).

This triggers all my feelings - stemming from my own childhood - about being rejected, left out and abandoned. I’ve realized we can’t even see other families who are sending their kids to school (which is 80% of families, according to our school district). We have had to self-quarantine ourselves all over again.

BUT my cheery husband reminds me that Aaron DOES have belonging:

1. Within our own home

2. With his sister and brothers, aunt and uncle

3. With his acting coach, agent and the acting community

4. With organizations like Down Syndrome Resource Foundation, who supplement Aaron’s learning and provide opportunities for congregation + authentic friendships.

So it is time for me to let go of the idea of what I thought his grade 12 year would be. I must start focusing on what Aaron DOES have in his life, not what he doesn’t.

Letting go of what was to accept what is...well this is the hardest work of all.


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