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Our Collective Trauma

My radiation treatment times

Four years ago today I was in the middle of cancer treatment.

I never got over it.

I never went back to normal.

It was not a gift.

In fact, things got very dark for me after treatment was done.

I lost a lot of people when I got cancer. There were other losses too - my innocence about my own mortality, my faith in my body.

The pandemic sure reminds me of my cancer time. At least my treatment had a start and end date. COVID has no end date and this uncertainty has been especially hard. After a big life experience like living through a pandemic, you do not go back to the way it was before because you are no longer that same person.

Brace yourself folks. The after COVID part isn’t going to be easy.

Despite what the government says, I do not think COVID will be over this summer. I am going to start reflecting on what has happened to me this past year so I can start processing my own personal pandemic losses and trauma.

We’ve all been traumatized in some way these past months. Recognizing that is a good first step. 💜

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