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The Community site is offered as a paid service, with a free option for those individuals that can't afford the cost. For organizations interested in patient engagement or health care advocacy focus, we are offering an opportunity to support the site with one of three annual subscription plans.


My new Give a Duck Community is a member-only site for health care advocates. It will be a high-quality, private website that will offer peer support, courses, events and content.

Click here for a video walkthrough of the prototype.


Your staff are likely tired of discussing health topics on social media - and many avoid Facebook and Twitter all together.

Why not give them a safe, professional space?


We have an annual membership $144 per year per person (20% discount). This can be ordered through the website or we can invoice it and activate the account for each of your people.


For those organizations that want to support my work and cover additional overheads we offer a special Ducks Backer Plan. For $950 per year you will receive special recognition and two member accounts.

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